The snailstache

The other day I was looking through pictures of snails and realized something....

Snails look like they have mustaches. So, ta-da, behold the snailstache. 

Have you ever been surprised by what you find looking at animals?

Imaginary Creatures

Drawing with kids can bring about a lot of silly and fun creativity.

The little miss and I were coming up some imaginary creatures and this was our favorite - the Liuck, which she then decided to call the Liax.


Drawing: some fond memories of my brother and I riding the tricycle together, circa too damn long ago. ;)

City Murder }{ Ink drawing

As part of a Pikaland class, I went to a local gallery and saw some works by James Vullo. Some of his earlier works immediately made me think of film noir.

That's how this drawing was born - thinking of a Raymond Chandler story and using Vullo's look, I drew this using black ink only.

Looking at Vullo's exhibit in person got me so excited and motivated to try something new. There's nothing like going to a museum or gallery and looking at these pieces in person.

Which artists inspire you to draw? Have you seen their works in person?