City Murder }{ Ink drawing

As part of a Pikaland class, I went to a local gallery and saw some works by James Vullo. Some of his earlier works immediately made me think of film noir.

That's how this drawing was born - thinking of a Raymond Chandler story and using Vullo's look, I drew this using black ink only.

Looking at Vullo's exhibit in person got me so excited and motivated to try something new. There's nothing like going to a museum or gallery and looking at these pieces in person.

Which artists inspire you to draw? Have you seen their works in person?


  1. Oh it is always good to be your work...I spy a little cat on the wall too.
    Happy weekend my friend....hugs to you.

  2. Beautiful! :)

  3. Huuhhh, that's hard to look at... but you know: I don 't do "niedlich".... AND, yes i love this work! :-)